Your Business system to cellular connection

Ever want to have a professional system pick up with an auto attendant but have your extensions on cell phones? Well now you can.

We offer the latest in technology coupled with the best in class hardware to offer you the best in interconnection solutions. With our customized hardware you can make receive easily anywhere in the world. Its simple choose the local numbers you want for your business in the areas you need or a toll free number and start receiving calls on the cell phones you want.

Our team works closely to help you get set up! Record your personal greeting in the languages of your choice. Press 1 for English Press 2 for French or 3 for Spanish. For sales press 1..., you get the idea.

Phone starts ringing as soon as your clients choose the extension or department they want to reach and it will call all those cellular numbers in the way you requested them to ring!

Simple right?

Even simpler


  • Keep your existing number - Maintain your brand
  • Get a toll free or local number - national or local presence
  • Multiple extensions - for everyone on your team
  • Call forwarding to mobile phones - work from anywhere
  • Voicemail's transcribed - delivered to your email (optional)
  • Voicemail 2 Email - get a copy of the voicemail directly in your email and listen directly
  • No new hardware - use your existing phones


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